District 14 Photo Gallery

This is an image of the Ruth for Congress Sub Header with the campaign slogan From Here-For Here


We are looking for photos that showcase your neighborhood, and the people who live and work there. You can rep your neighborhood by submitting photos to add to existing neighborhood galleries – or help us create a new photo gallery for a neighborhood that is not already included.

Photo Submission Rules:

1. Type your address here to check whether you live within the borders of New York’s 14th Congressional District.

2. Your photos should depict the heart of your neighborhood, where people congregate; a famous or beloved landmark; homes and buildings flying American flags; crowd scenes and streetscapes; and the daily lives of neighborhood residents and Mom & Pop business owners.

3. Hold your smartphone horizontally when you take pictures, and do not edit them or apply any filters.

4. Submit your photos to [email protected], and include your contact information: Name; home; address; home or mobile phone number; and email address.

5. We will contact you to let you know if your photo(s) have been selected to be included in a neighborhood photo gallery. For each photo selected, please donate $14.00 to cover the cost of processing and publishing.

6. Published photos will be the property of Ruth For Congress and Papazian2020.


Together, let’s show off our neighborhoods and let the world see why we love living here.

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